Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m still able to enjoy the life watching the valley burning

07 Ott

To live just over there, where fair ends and snow becomes pink. Sharing your paradise – your own paradise – with people who has something to say, stories from the ocean, but especially something to teach. Staying there drinking wine, drinking wine without any poison on it, drinking wine without any poison in yourself.

And a mountain as the world. As an house, the last house on the world, where put all your goods as decorations, fighting the cold and other people’s mediocrity. A world as the mountain, hard stone harder than you, beautiful with the sun and even more beautiful when clouds are surrounding it, giving to the picture that nice effect that just ermetism is able to paint.

For someone you can be trash, for someone else you’ll be a treasure.

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4 Responses

  1. Evidentemente yo ha detto:

    It seems you have fallen in love… at least with the mountains!!!;)

  2. Baltic Man ha detto:

    Who deserves love more than mountains??

  3. elettrodomesticofobo ha detto:

    ma quello è fumo o nebbia (smoke or fog?)

  4. Baltic Man ha detto:

    You got it!!!
    A mix between.

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